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Founded by Amy Langer (she/her) and Ezra Reaves (they/them), Tarot & Palm Theatre creates new performance work that challenges traditional modes of storytelling by pulling apart theatrical conventions to its base elements. We believe that theatre is fundamentally defined by moments of communion between the audience and performers, and so we embrace work that eschews the “fourth wall” present in much contemporary theatre.

Our inaugural piece, The Program, was conceived of, written, and produced during the COVID case spike in early 2021, which led to renewed quarantine policies across much of the US. The show was performed entirely over the phone: audience members called in to an automated line and were led down a telephonic wormhole into an absurd version of a corporate phone tree. Audience members called it “the most unexpected 45 minutes of the last year,” and “the kind of connection-making, heart-growing theater the world needs.”


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